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Alternate Entry

Employees who enter a confined space need not comply with the procedures set forth in the program provided that:

  1. It can be demonstrated that the only hazard posed by the permit space is an actual or potential hazardous atmosphere.
  2. It can be demonstrated that continuous forced air ventilation alone is sufficient to maintain that permit space safe for entry.
  3. Monitoring and inspection data are developed that support the previous conclusions.
  4. If an initial entry of the permit space is necessary to obtain the data required, the entry is performed according to the procedures set forth in this document concerning the entry of a permit required confined space.
  5. The determinations and supporting data required are documented and made available to each employee who enters the space.

Follow the procedures outlined in Appendix G, Confined Space Entry Procedures for Alternate Entry Procedures and Appendix H, Confined Space Entry Form for Alternate Entry Certification.

Reclassification To A Non-Permit Confined Space

Confined Space Table of Contents

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